Parent involvement

“Highly inclusive practices effectively support families and whānau to participate in the life of the centre. Teachers value and include families’ cultures, languages and identities in the programme.”” (ERO Report, 2015)

General Meetings

There are two General Co-op Meetings a year – in March and October. We ask one adult from each whanau/family to attend. These meetings determine our priorities and discuss any issues that affect the running of the centre.

An Annual General Meeting, held in July, sets the budget and elects a committee for the next year.

Before each meeting, an agenda is placed on the notice-board in the hallway and emailed out to parents.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is elected by co-op members. Its role is to oversee the centre’s operations between co-op meetings.

All parents are welcome to attend the Management Committee meetings, but do not have voting rights. Before each meeting, an agenda is placed on the notice-board in the hallway and emailed out to parents.

Parent jobs

We ask all parents to help out in some way – such as taking part in working bees, doing repairs, fundraising or being the treasurer or chairperson. There are three working bees per year. Your time and effort is appreciated.

By playing your part, you’re helping Te Kainganui to provide the best possible environment for your tamariki, and you’ll also be helping to keep fees at reasonable levels.

After your tamaiti has settled in at Te Kainganui, someone will contact you to talk about how you could help out. Or you can contact our parent liaison officer or Head Teacher (04) 384-3104, or email

Here are some of the jobs that parents do at Te Kainganui:

  • repairing books
  • civil defence/first aid – ensuring Te Kainganui has adequate emergency supplies and provides a safe and healthy environment
  • ensuring TK has plenty of dress-ups and they’re kept in good repair
  • fundraising
  • gardening
  • Website management
  • information technology – ensuring that TK’s computer and other IT resources are running properly
  • maintenance – repairing broken fixtures/furniture or finding someone who can
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