Our philosophy

We’re committed to high-quality care and education. To ensure a high standard of care, we maintain high ratios of 1 tamaiti to 5 teachers, and employ qualified staff.

We regard parents as their tamaiti’s first teacher and value communicating with you on a regular basis about the centre and your tamaiti’s needs and progress. We record stories of your tamaiti’s learning journey, and keep a selection of art in an art folder, showing their artistic skills develop.

Our approach is consistent with the goals, strands and sociocultural/bicultural philosophy of Te Whariki – the national early childhood curriculum document.

We implement the group project inquiry learning approach. We draw on the Reggio Emilia traditions and socio-cultural philosophy in our programme planning. Some of our recent group projects include; dance and drama, literacy. caring for each other and our youngest learners and physically challenging ourselves.

“Teachers are responsive to children’s interests and emerging ideas. Children have choices about their learning and participation in activities. Literacy, music, maths and creativity are well integrated in the curriculum. Te reo me ngā tikanga Māori are authentically included in everyday activities.” (ERO Report, 2015)

Our philosophy and values include:

  • We view tamariki as confident and capable learners; we trust them to know themselves, to make decisions, to solve problems and to lead their own learning.
  • We believe that all decisions regarding tamariki should begin with consideration for their thinking and perspectives.
  • We value the uniqueness of each tamaiti. We believe that they are natural investigators who learn by using all their senses to explore and learn.
  • We endeavour to create an environment in which the tamariki see themselves as people with rights and in which they develop a sense of responsibility for the rights of others.
  • We value a collaborative learning approach, where responsive and reciprocal relationships are nurtured within the Te Kainganui co-operative community of teachers, tamariki and their families.
  • We see the environment as a teaching and learning tool and work to make it flexible and dynamic. We view our wider community as an extension of the learning environment at Te Kainganui, rich with possibilities.
  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi is the founding document of Aotearoa, New Zealand. We weave Te Reo, Tikanga and Kaupapa Maori into our daily practice. We acknowledge that we are a multi-cultural society and value all cultures, religions, and beliefs within our Te Kainganui whanau and beyond.
  • We aim to practice environmental sustainability, educating our tamariki and involving our community in caring for the environment.
Education, care, friendship & fun for under 5's
Te Kainganui means Big House
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