Getting out and about

Community excursions provide great learning experiences, a link with the wider world, and they’re fun!

Going on trips is a great way for tamariki to gain new experiences and learn about the world around them. Many of our trips are organised specifically around a current group interest. Being situated close to the city enables easy access to Te Papa, The City Art Gallery, the Library and Waitangi Park. We also go on many walks locally; to shops, local parks and play areas in Mount Cook. Each year there is usually a trip to the zoo and to the beach.

We consider trips and walks essential to the broader educational development of the tamariki and we ensure that all ages have the opportunity to participate.

Education, care, friendship & fun for under 5's
Te Kainganui means Big House
(& that's what we are!)
64 Tasman St, Mt Cook, Wellington, NZ
Hours 7:45am till 5:30pm
Pick up by 5:15 please!